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Translational Research

MultipleXLab devices enable automated high-throughput imagery systems in autonomous visualization and analysis of plant growth dynamics at a multi-scale level with high precision. These user-friendly systems will help in reducing time and effort when performing high-throughput screening of seed germination, root systems growth, abiotic stresses, and insect feeding. MultipleXLab devices were conceptualized and created by Professor Dr. Ikram Blilou and PhD student Vinicius Lube from the Laboratory of Plant Cell and Developmental Biology (LPCDB) at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST). Additional efforts from the Sensors Lab at KAUST enabled the creation of the commercial system. Data processing is realized with the support of Ipsumio, a consultancy company in charge of developing machine learning solutions that facilitate big-data processing

Plant Methods - MultipleXLab: A high-throughput portable live-imaging root phenotyping platform using deep learning and computer vision. Plant Methods 18, 38 (2022)

Professor Dr. Ikram Blilou

"MultipleXLab Plant Phenomics - a robotic  tool made by Biologists, for Biologists"

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We provide installation services and in-situ training, as well as maintenance and repairing


We provide documentation regarding installation, calibration and maintenance

Fast & Easy

MultipleXLab Plant Phenomics systems are fast and easy to assemble and operate

Cloud Analytics

We provide the user with custom analysis powered by our AI models for each application

Remote Access

The system provides remote operation so that the user can monitor and take action in real-time

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The array of MultipleXLab devices we offer is divided into three models:


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